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Tree Removal

Whether the weather took you tree down, your tree is old and dying, or you just want see more of your own yard, True Cut can remove any unwanted Trees efficiently and effectively.

Tree Trimming

Here in the North Country the we have some great weather to promote Tree Growth, and with growth comes the need for trimming, True Cut Tree Service provides professional Tree Trimming.

Emergency services

From Winter Blizzards, to Ice Storms and Mirco bursts, we have seen it all.  Sometimes mother nature has plans and we have the equipment to deal with 24 Hour Emergency Tree Removal.

Tree Removal Done Right

True Cut Tree Service provides the right manpower, the right equipment at the right price.  Don’t pay more for inferior service.

Complete Tree Service

Whether your are in need of trimming, cutting, removal or chipping True Cut can take care of it all from the top to the stump.

Land Clearing and Stump Removal

You Home is your castle and the castle needs to look its best.  When mother nature has other ideas, call True Cut to put the yard back together.

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Trees in any shape, form or size, serve a very crucial purpose on the environment. In addition to keeping our environment green, trees provide us with fresh air to breath, food, building materials, herbal medicines and shelter. Even though most of us think that trees can grow and survive on their own, the fact is they occasionally need help from us so that they can stay healthy and in good shape. They need to be trimmed when they have unnecessary growths, treated when they catch diseases and removed when they become a threat to the nearby buildings. Unfortunately, an average homeowner doesn’t have the skills needed to do all these, that’s why they need to use the services of a trained tree service providers. These are professional arborists who have the right tools and skills to handle your trees in the safest way possible. Reasons to Hire a Tree Service Professional Why is it important to hire a professional to look after your trees? Some of us might think that a tree service is not as important as a car wash service. But the truth is they are both important, and the following are some reasons why you really need to hire a tree service.   1. For Safety  There are many reasons for hiring a tree service, but the most important of all is to keep us and our properties safe. If you have trees in your home yard, you may have noticed some of them growing as high as your house. Also, some of the branches may become fragile which puts them at risk of falling and causing accidents. In case a hurricane or strong winds hit your town, these fragile may break off and cause significant damage to your house or hurt your family. Using a tree service will minimize the risk of having any of such accidents and keep your family safe. Tree service providers also ensure that the trees are safe to approach and are prepared for any natural disasters by ensuring that they do regular tree-trimming, branch removal or even securing the trees. 2. It Prevents Obstruction of Public Utilities Some of your trees might grow as tall as your nearby power line which can lead to electrical problems. Some roots might even grow towards the water lines or sewer lines which can lead to serious water contamination. Hiring a tree service can help prevent all these problems. They will advise you on whether to prune the overgrown branches or remove the entire tree. Our company offers tree removal service which can be the best solution for such problems while allowing you to keep your trees. 3. Its Cheaper Than Having Repairs or Paying a Fine When your trees cause a problem in public utilities or damage someone else’s property, it can lead to litigation. You can be asked by the court to pay a fine, fix or replace the damaged property which can be very costly. So it would be much cheaper if you chose to spend a few bucks to have the tree removed or trimmed by a tree service. It will cost far much cheaper than spending thousands of dollars fixing or replacing the things that your trees have damaged. This service It doesn’t need to be done on a monthly basis. You can hire a tree service only when you think that you need it. Just ensure you don’t undergo any trouble before you hire someone to check on your trees. 4. It Improves the Aesthetic Value of Your Home With time, your trees will grow branches which add up to their beauty. However, some branches may deform your trees’ shape and size making them look unsightly. If this occurs to several trees in your home yard or landscape, your home will start looking untidy and disorganised. This will put your home in the wrong light in case you decide to sell it in future. Beautifying may seem like an easy task, but the truth is it requires trained hands. You can make it easy by hiring an arborist who will trim and design your trees into your desired shapes. 5. It keeps your trees healthy Trees, like all other living organisms, are susceptible to diseases, and because they can’t express their agonies, the diseased trees remain unnoticed, and this results in the death of some branches or the entire tree. Homeowners who have trees in their yards should regularly be on the look for any cracks, cavities and decays in their trees and pay extra attention to dead branches in order to understand the exact reason that led to the death. Dead branches or trees could be caused by diseases, infestations or insects. When you suspect that your trees are infected, it’s important you hire a professional tree service provider to examine and treat your trees. This will help to keep your trees in good health for many years to come. Tips on Hiring the Best Tree Service Company Taking time to do your research before hiring a tree service in New York can help you find the best company for the job. Here are five tips to guide you. 1. Look for the company’s credentials and license. A tree service company can cause a lot of damage if its staff are not properly trained. So it’s important to check out the company’s credentials find out if it’s licensed to operate. An unlicensed company will often have untrained employees so be careful at this. 2. Ask about the insurance. A company without valid insurance coverage is a business that you don’t want to work with. This is because anything can happen during a tree removal and you’d want to be compensated. Ensure that the company possesses a worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Usually, Liability insurance will ensure that the company pays for all expenses if it causes any damage to your property. Worker’s compensation, on the other hand, protects both you and the company’s employees if they get injured while working on your property. You will not be sued in case anything happens during the job. 3. Ask for referrals.  Referrals play a vital role when you want to find out about the company’s reputation. Don’t be afraid to ask the tree service company for referrals from previous customers who they offered service to. You have the right to know what to expect as well as how other customers felt about the services they were provided. Don’t forget that tree removal is a meticulous job that if done incorrectly, could cause a lot of harm – so ensure you get several referrals. 4. Get an estimate. Always ensure you ask for a written estimate before the job is started. If the company is hesitant about this, this is a red flag, and the company might be out to make quick cash at your expense by adding additional fees. 5. Beware of Door-to-Door Service Providers  You need to be careful of tree businesses that come asking for a job door-to-door. If you see a tree service provider seeking jobs door-to-door, then they a scam. A tree job is not a decision you should make quickly unless there’s a natural disaster or emergency. In this case, you also need to beware of fraudsters and ensure that the company you hire has the necessary credentials and license and is adequately insured. So if you’re looking for a professional tree service for any tree job, you can trust us to help you out. We have well-trained employees and the right tools to remove or trim your overgrown trees. Call us now for a free estimate.

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